My Wrecked Mclaren 675LT Is Getting A $30,000 Paint Job (Most INSANE Custom Color I Could Imagine)

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Today, I take all the repaired body parts from my previously wrecked Mclaren 675LT and take them to the experts at Allyz Auto/Color Recon to get a custom color I'm calling Tempest Blue, to honor the sponsor of this entire series, AutoTempest. This is going to be expensive, but very, very worth it.
Special thanks to Allyz Auto/Color Recon
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  1. RemnantSRT440
    2 dagar sedan

    Man here I thought I finally see the end of the project. Excited to see the finished product!

  2. Hdudbdjd Dhidhd
    Hdudbdjd Dhidhd
    3 dagar sedan

    Who’s your carbon guy?????

  3. smiork valexy
    smiork valexy
    3 dagar sedan

    lol. i could make that mclaren color up in an hour.

  4. Gingerbread Man
    Gingerbread Man
    4 dagar sedan

    Ummm when’s the next update T ?!?!?!??

  5. Bass Legion
    Bass Legion
    7 dagar sedan

    Bran Nu

  6. Fabio Bernardi
    Fabio Bernardi
    9 dagar sedan

    Everything is breeeeeeend neeeeew lmao

  7. John`s Rabid Mutt
    John`s Rabid Mutt
    11 dagar sedan

    Side panels pained laying down?

  8. Da Medusa
    Da Medusa
    13 dagar sedan

    Get out of the booth with prepped parts. Unless you have a tyvek, your bringing in dust

  9. Da Medusa
    Da Medusa
    13 dagar sedan

    Wow, the original paint even had orange peel. Terrible spray painting.

  10. Max Derinskiy
    Max Derinskiy
    13 dagar sedan

    Jared’s vice grip garage shirt 👍👍👍

  11. Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon
    13 dagar sedan

    Juan reminds me of "FLUFFY" Gabriel Iglesias

  12. T money
    T money
    14 dagar sedan

    Juan should make a channel

  13. Idk Lol
    Idk Lol
    15 dagar sedan

    2 weeks left boys, were half way there

  14. Vladimir Mishin
    Vladimir Mishin
    16 dagar sedan

    Such a paint can be done garage, Tavarish loosing the skills, check vTuned, salvagenasterv.

  15. Kevin Siverly
    Kevin Siverly
    17 dagar sedan

    You just ruined the car with the 1966 baby blue t bird color.. really? All the colors in the world and you choose baby blue. What a waste.

  16. Alan Todd
    Alan Todd
    17 dagar sedan

    My Aston Martin Vantage is "Tempest Blue" so not an original name. Not sure if paint colour names are copyrighted, but may need to come up with another name. BTW AM tempest blue isn;t really blue - more of a dark grey - but that is another story.

  17. Donis GamingPortal
    Donis GamingPortal
    18 dagar sedan

    A blue color like that ton is literally my favorite color. Want something similar on my dream car in the future when I hopefully get it lol.

  18. Moe Whitfield
    Moe Whitfield
    18 dagar sedan

    first thought that was fluffy at first lol.

  19. Ernesto Lupercio
    Ernesto Lupercio
    19 dagar sedan

    Still love that McLaren never tried stopping you from day 1.

  20. Rusty Shackelford III
    Rusty Shackelford III
    19 dagar sedan


  21. VIP854
    19 dagar sedan

    *anxiously waiting for the paint code*

    20 dagar sedan

    1:15 fluffy's lost brother

  23. Ian Dunbar
    Ian Dunbar
    20 dagar sedan

    Imagine being able to say "my carbon guy", lol

  24. Jaguarv8
    20 dagar sedan

    NV Jan

  25. Jimf
    21 dag sedan blue is much lighter than mexico blue which is more like a medium blue.

  26. Jaime Rivas
    Jaime Rivas
    21 dag sedan

    Freddy we want to hear u speak spanish

  27. warz0ne
    21 dag sedan

    Great color tavarish, it will look superb.

  28. Steve Bentley
    Steve Bentley
    22 dagar sedan

    @thatdudeinblue has just done his mustang in a very similar color

  29. MrTilbin
    22 dagar sedan

    Expensive doesn't mean quality. Hand built hypercars that are street legal hand built race cars aren't about perfect fitment and creature comforts and luxury but going fast.

  30. umad42
    22 dagar sedan

    The i8 body panel you looked at, they *make* that carbon in my town. I can drive down the road and see BMWs factory here

  31. N Watts
    N Watts
    23 dagar sedan

    When does the new session of cartrek come out

  32. Kushagra Saxena
    Kushagra Saxena
    24 dagar sedan

    But that Mustang. It will look great placed alongside your DBS.

  33. viren jhala
    viren jhala
    24 dagar sedan

    I don’t know y this guy 2.35 looks and sound so much like fluffy

  34. предпочитаю Умолчать
    предпочитаю Умолчать
    24 dagar sedan

    Mclaren does have some questionable quality concerns on some parts but overall the build quality is good i own a 720s now its my favorite car so far and iv'e had most of the flagship cars Mclaren gives you bang for your buck with performance it feels like your driving a street legal go kart with a windshield

  35. Tony Y.
    Tony Y.
    24 dagar sedan

    Now I wondered how much shmee spent on fixing his Senna. Like 675LT already costs so much to repair

  36. Kayne Jones
    Kayne Jones
    24 dagar sedan

    Rodriguez for the win 🙌 mastercraftsman

  37. Michael Hawkins
    Michael Hawkins
    25 dagar sedan

    I'm thinking you could have used a House of Candy color, or mixed some HOC colors, that would be pretty close to the factory volcano orange.

  38. Dolane
    25 dagar sedan

    the paint looks exactly like my focus rs 's nitrous blue

  39. Forever Computing
    Forever Computing
    25 dagar sedan

    Body colour? In the U.K. we call it "colour coded" Cheap cars having black bumpers, more expensive luxury versions getting the bumper painted the same colour - colour coded.

  40. Andre Stfort
    Andre Stfort
    25 dagar sedan

    mini van for the win

  41. Stefan
    25 dagar sedan

    first time I saw the samples: uu nice shades of blue, second time: uu nice shades of Bugatti :D

  42. Paul Levy
    Paul Levy
    25 dagar sedan

    That color will make it unique. The original color was nice, but way overpriced.

  43. Death666wish
    25 dagar sedan

    Will baby blue painted cars ever end? They're bloody hideous.

  44. James Te Huna
    James Te Huna
    25 dagar sedan

    Man I thought it was fluffy for a second

  45. beforebefore
    25 dagar sedan

    Your excitement is contagious!... and it really makes watching much more fun :) Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  46. Miguel Branco
    Miguel Branco
    26 dagar sedan

    Almost ready to DragTimes!

  47. Junito Punto Comm
    Junito Punto Comm
    26 dagar sedan

    I want to see the dealer that will make me return the left over of $1,800 worth of paint that I paid for !! 🤨

  48. Antipodean Wizard
    Antipodean Wizard
    26 dagar sedan

    I wish there was someone like Juan in Australia. Clearly he is a skilled artisan with a passion for what he does. There are too many businesses today that focus solely on the dollars rather than on the quality of their product and service delivery (hint: the dollars are the end game, the other things are the means to that end).

  49. Ronald Warren
    Ronald Warren
    26 dagar sedan

    Lookin good Freddie! Lost some weight?

  50. Mike squier
    Mike squier
    26 dagar sedan

    He looks like puffy the comedian

  51. Shane Bangs
    Shane Bangs
    26 dagar sedan

    It looks just like Nitrous Blue on my Focus RS

  52. Milan Asanovic
    Milan Asanovic
    26 dagar sedan

    great color choice

    26 dagar sedan

    Bad ass Tav

  54. nissan6541
    26 dagar sedan

    Omg. That’s gonna be gorgeous!!!! And that Mustang is bad ass!!!

  55. E S
    E S
    26 dagar sedan

    Not big on the color 👎

  56. Helmut Groen
    Helmut Groen
    26 dagar sedan

    Akzo Nobel is a Dutch Big Factory that made a lot of advantages and had also a lot of trouble with the France chemical company Dupont that also claimed inventing Kevlar (i could be wrong a little ,but i guess I am right!)And the make paint ,a lot of it!!!A DUTCHMAN

  57. 308328928
    26 dagar sedan

    The most expensive part is the paint?

  58. Jonas Martinez
    Jonas Martinez
    26 dagar sedan

    I dont like the version of blue that he chose.... I prefer as close to the original red color THEN modify the red to something like his version of tempest blue that he made.

  59. Kopapai
    26 dagar sedan

    wheres the mclaren

  60. NewtechGS
    26 dagar sedan

    40 grand for a roof scoop 😭

  61. NewtechGS
    26 dagar sedan

    Serious paint shop!

  62. 삼일한
    26 dagar sedan

    to be honest, I loved the volcano orange!!! That's just unreal!!!! the only kind of color!!

  63. Bas e
    Bas e
    26 dagar sedan

    Freaking great guy! I’d bring him my car:)

  64. AFFLTD
    27 dagar sedan

    When Tempest Blue was mentioned, I immediately thought it was because of the slime Rimuru Tempest.. 😂

  65. Boony Tooty
    Boony Tooty
    27 dagar sedan

    Covid body shop!.....

  66. Bus12103
    27 dagar sedan

    Jared was not funny with his tortilla joke.

  67. David Knappert
    David Knappert
    27 dagar sedan

    Looks like toyota speedway blue on camera

  68. vincent twice
    vincent twice
    27 dagar sedan

    I didn’t know fluffy did bodywork.

  69. Colin Ashton
    Colin Ashton
    27 dagar sedan

    that color is treble pls dont

  70. beards & aquatics
    beards & aquatics
    27 dagar sedan

    I’m in south Florida I would love to meet you sir

  71. Rori paddison
    Rori paddison
    27 dagar sedan

    Cerulean blue? #shmee

  72. Cycle Sensei
    Cycle Sensei
    27 dagar sedan

    AKA Electrolysis. Aluminum and ferrous metals don't like each other.

  73. Toast_n_pickles
    27 dagar sedan

    Does he know fluffy ????!!!!!! 😳

  74. TheBizzle1978
    27 dagar sedan


  75. TheGhung Fu
    TheGhung Fu
    27 dagar sedan

    Uh, volume all the way down and still too loud. Sorry.

  76. bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui
    27 dagar sedan

    Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !

  77. Gamer Gamer
    Gamer Gamer
    27 dagar sedan

    Never sell this

  78. Mendes FLN
    Mendes FLN
    27 dagar sedan

    Paint dude is Gabriel Iglesias? That is goning to be a funny paint job... if you catch my drift :D

  79. stoney fur
    stoney fur
    27 dagar sedan

    I have ended up watching all your videos and i always love the colors you choose to paint your cars This looks great!

    1. stoney fur
      stoney fur
      27 dagar sedan

      @bcvbb hyui blue is nice

    2. bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui
      27 dagar sedan

      The colors you said you like the most are like nitrous blue which that dude in blue repainted his mustang

  80. Darren Kuehn
    Darren Kuehn
    28 dagar sedan

    A McLaren in Gulf livery. (Sort of 😄) Should be interesting. Can't wait to see it completed.

  81. MANCHAKA !
    28 dagar sedan

    Damn that was a boring vid

  82. Stew Keene
    Stew Keene
    28 dagar sedan

    That much work is a love only a real lover of cars would do. What a tremendous challenge. You have a remarkable amount of patience. It will be great to see it finished. I know you love that blue, but I would have loved to see it in the red 👍🏻

  83. rags gator
    rags gator
    28 dagar sedan

    Hey do you know where I can buy some "yesimright" Shirts?

  84. ZA
    28 dagar sedan

    I worked for AkzoNobel, I can say they're product is amazing. One of my project was to engineer the paint for their McLaren F1 cars. Hearing AkzoNobel in this video was such a suprise.

  85. Coleman Keffer
    Coleman Keffer
    28 dagar sedan

    So many different colors of masking tape to choose from. I’m glad you chose tempest masking tape blue

  86. vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt
    28 dagar sedan

    can't wait to see how it turns out when it's finished. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

  87. Adam Langton
    Adam Langton
    28 dagar sedan

    Pair that with some burnt orange on the wheels will look like a new era golf colour

  88. Lee Ross
    Lee Ross
    28 dagar sedan

    paint seperation from aluminum panels is a problem with many manufacturers. I see it all the time, ususally never close to a nut or bolt. It'a guarenteed to happen on Ford, GM, chrysler, they all have those issues. I beleive its an issue with the primer they use. I havent seen it yet on a Mercedes or a BMW. I can't beleive it happens on Mclaren.

  89. Diddi Cruz
    Diddi Cruz
    28 dagar sedan

    please do a video wtih LNC so they can see the finished product

    1. vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt
      28 dagar sedan


  90. Diddi Cruz
    Diddi Cruz
    28 dagar sedan

    Gulf Blue

  91. Adam Dent
    Adam Dent
    28 dagar sedan

    I love how knowledgeable Juan is, you start talking about that aluminum paint issue and he can explain it to you exactly. Love it.

    1. rafiq Said
      rafiq Said
      12 dagar sedan

      He knows what he is talking about. BTW also carbon causes galvanic corosion when in contact with steel and needs the same rubber rings etc to prevent contact with the steel. When bonded to steel an thin layer of glass layer should be bonded between the carbon and steel. Carbon exposed to the sun should have a good UV resistant clear coat on it Depending on the used expoxy with the carbon it also shouldn't be exposed to heat and dark colors should be avoided .(the reason why glass and carbon airplanes are white or light colored) Its also advised to have a kevlar layer on carbon parts exposed to the cabin as in a crash carbon will splinter in pointy parts . a layer kevlar (or glass) will prevent this.

  92. Kurt Sumthinorother
    Kurt Sumthinorother
    28 dagar sedan

    Freddie H. you couldn't have met a nicer guy than Juan. Allyz Auto/Color Recon is the body shop. You could have just chosen the original Nassau Blue ZR1 launch color. It's the most mesmerizing blue I've ever seen. Your picks are pretty close. He's a perfectionist among perfectionists. Quality of work is out of this world. Nevermind next level, it's off the chart. Be careful Tavarish, don't want to press your free $30,000 paint guy too much.

    1. Kurt Sumthinorother
      Kurt Sumthinorother
      28 dagar sedan

      Guys it's ZR1 blue you are making.

  93. goinfastproductions
    28 dagar sedan

    Can't help but like Juan.

  94. Travis Noseworthy
    Travis Noseworthy
    28 dagar sedan

    The colors you said you like the most are like nitrous blue which that dude in blue repainted his mustang

  95. LM74 Works
    LM74 Works
    28 dagar sedan

    Mazing seeing those paint defects, plagues my land rover constantly!

  96. TJ Eclipse
    TJ Eclipse
    28 dagar sedan

    I totally thought this guy was Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy, he kinda looks like him haha.

  97. Lee Campbell
    Lee Campbell
    28 dagar sedan

    Its Fluffy’s brother!!

  98. Prezes
    28 dagar sedan

    Looks like the color you're looking for already exists - Arablue Kristalleffekt from Audi. Great one, looks astonishing in every light, easy to maintan. Check it out ;)

  99. L P
    L P
    28 dagar sedan

    Just o be clear - 30k pain job is click-bait. SO it would have been 30k, if they would have painted it in factory paint which is very expensive. But now that they decided to paint it custom colour this is going to be fairly standard, but still high quality paint job. What is that ~$8000 maybe? $12k on the higher and maybe considering some very special requests with exposed carbon and special colour scheme. Still long way from $30k

  100. Jonny Stolpe
    Jonny Stolpe
    28 dagar sedan

    I don't have much time this morning so I skipped ahead to see what it was going to look like I skipped ahead 15 minutes and there's still looking at the old stuff....... I don't have time for this.